Hello world!  I am inaugurating my new website which will have migrated into it my old website-First Peoples On the Land Southern California.  This site will continue along that theme but will include a focus on my writing

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Serrano Creation Story

The Serrano (Spanish for mountain people) ranged over the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California–Their relatives the Vanyume are little known because they were devastated by the European conquest–They ranged out over the Mojave Desert–Here is part of the Serrano creation story–It has elements found in most Southern California Creation stories–The dying god–twin gods–the cremation … Continue reading Serrano Creation Story

Memoirs of California from the 1820s by a Russian Visitor

Memoirs of California KT Khlebnikov and Anatole G Mazour Pacific Historical Review, volume 9, number 3 September 1940 pages 307 – 336 Memoirs of California by KT Khlebnikov, translated by G Mazour: At the missions there are from 500 to 3000 Indians of both sexes. In former days under Spanish rule the governors partly equipped … Continue reading Memoirs of California from the 1820s by a Russian Visitor

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